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Hotels and Motels

Places to Stay Poland

 Skwierzyna and the villages around Skwierzyna have some fine places to spend a night, whilst travelling through Poland or to spend a few nights relaxng in this most picturesque part of Poland. Here are hotels in the region. Most of them also offer fine food.

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Zajazdu u Marka

 Motel and Restaurant

ul. Główna 85, 66-440 Trzebiszewo 

Dom nad Rzeką

 Hotel and Restaurant

 ul. Mostowa 3, Skwierzyna


Wiejce Palace / Pałac Wiejce

Hotel and Restaurant

Wiejce 17a 

66-442 Krobielewko

motel restaurant poland

skwierzyna poland

town hall poland

railway station skwierzyna poland