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Old Postcards and Photographs


Here are some vintage photographs and old postcards of the former German town of Schwerin an der Warthe, now Skwierzyna, Poland. The images date from between 1898 and 1945 when the town was part of Prussia, Germany. You might also want to have a look at our page of old postcards of the nearby town of Blesen and villages of Chelmsko, Murzynowo, Osiecko, Przytoczna, Rokitten, Stary Dworek, Swiniary, Wiejce, and Wierzbno.

See page two: Old Photographs of Skwierzyna

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To see larger versions of these and other Schwerin old postcards and historic photographs visit the site: Schwerin Warthe.

schwerin warthe schwerin schwerin schwerin warthe postcard

schwerin warthe germany sc1.jpg (120113 bytes) sc2.jpg (93926 bytes) schwerin_23.jpg (177513 bytes)

schwerin_10.jpg (172615 bytes) schwerin_11.jpg (20398 bytes) old postcard germany old schwerin postcard

postcards vintage postcard picture postcard old postcard

schwstation.jpg (55543 bytes) sc10.jpg (47031 bytes) polish postcard litho skwierzyna poland

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old antique german picture postcard postcards from Germany german postcards rare picture schwerin

ansichtkarten old litho postcard schwerin germany old picture postcard germany

More Old Photographs of Skwierzyna

Schwerin an der Warthe

The old postcards and vintage photographs shown on these pages represent only a small percentage of the images in our collection. Contact us if you are interested in seeing our collection of more than 200 pre-war postcards from Schwerin Warthe (Skwierzyna). They aren't, however, for sale! :) More about old postcards