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Skwierzyna Webquest Competition

To enter our competition and win a unique  Skwierzyna souvenir pen you need to answer the following questions. The answers to all our questions can be found on the Skwierzyna net website or on a link leading from it. Five* correct and fully completed entries will receive a ballpoint pen every month.

1 - What was the town of Skwierzyna called before 1945?

2 - Which village is closer to Skwierzyna - Popowo or Santok? 

3 - What is the telephone number for the English language school in Skwierzyna?

4 - When was the town hall in Skwierzyna built?

5 - What is the name of the chef at the Wiejce Palace Hotel?

6 - Who is the treasurer of the hunting club in Skwierzyna?

7 - What is the Polish word for the English word 'forest'?

8 - What is the internet address (url) of the Primary School in Skwierzyna?

9 - What is the Polish name for the village named 'Althofchen' prior to the end of the second world war?

10 - How long is the PKP train journey from Skwierzyna to Miedzyrzecz? 17 minutes, 22 minutes or 26 minutes?



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* Because we don't have unlimited resources we award a maximum of ten pens a month. If more than 5 correct entries are received a draw will take place on the first Saturday of each month, and the first 5 names picked out of the hat will win a Skwierzyna pen. If you don't win one month you can enter again the next month until you are lucky enough to win!